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Back To School Stickers

Going back to school after an extremely long break is definitely something to enjoy, and that’s why we’ve dedicated this free, printable sticker set for the enthusiastic bunch going back-to-school! If you love to spruce up your journals, you're sure to love these stickers that we made to accessorize. This package of journal stickers is ideal for your daily planners, notebooks, to-do lists, or journals. They are also perfectly suited to our daily, weekly, and monthly planners so you can add a touch of color and prioritize your tasks and sort them. Use our special ‘Goals’ sticker to mark important tasks on your list, the ‘Priorities’ sticker to highlight the important tasks, and the cute little ‘Focus’ sticker to help you focus. There’s also a very cute ‘Fresh Start’ sticker to remind you that every day is a fresh start, and a much-needed ‘Need More Coffee’ to help you fuel through the day!

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