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The Best Portable Bluetooth Printers

The printer is one of our favourite inventions. Back at the Printables headquarters, we consider this an essential. Printers have grown into becoming an important part of everyday life. Be it taking printouts of important documents for work or personal use, a printer can surely come in handy at the office or at home. Printers have evolved very much over the years. From the dot matrix printers, technology has taken a huge step forward and today all we have are digital printers. And now, the modern technological world has taken another step further with the emergence of portable Bluetooth printers. A portable Bluetooth printer is a compact printer that you can carry around with you and prints stuff at the spot without the requirement of a USB port or an electrical outlet. This benefits us in many ways, especially for photographers who now get to print the pictures they take immediately. With the help of WiFi and Bluetooth, you can connect these printers with your mobile phones or laptops and print anything you want instantly. Remember the times you had to take a picture in a camera and wait for a couple of days to actually see what it looked like on paper? Gone are those days. Now, you can take pictures and get hard copies of those instantly with these high-end cameras and portable printers. How Modern, Portable Bluetooth Printers Work The portable Bluetooth printers have changed the way we live. You can now carry these printers with you anywhere and get printed copies of anything you want instantly at any location as opposed to the traditional printer which requires a solid electrical outlet or a USB port. These portable printer devices are very easy to use. You can connect them to your mobile phones or laptops through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and get printouts instantly. Some of these printers use paper and ink while some of them operate on instant film you see in cameras.  Here’s a list of the best portable Bluetooth printers for you, if you’re looking to buy one:

  1. Canon Selphy QX10Canon, as we all know, has been one of the most popular brands when it comes to cameras. They’ve now made their way into the printing industry with flashy portable printers. This portable Bluetooth printer enables you to print images in a square format with ease. The prints are smudge-proof, water-protected, and are expected to last more than a hundred years if stored properly. These compact Bluetooth printers can fit into anything as small as a handbag and can produce an image in a matter of 43 seconds. This is one of the best portable Bluetooth printers and can come in handy during travels and parties.

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  1. Fujifilm Instax Mini PrinterFujifilm is known to be a well-reputed camera brand. The Instax mini link printer uses the same film as the Fujifilm Instax cameras, bringing out quality pictures with immense detailing. This portable Bluetooth printer hands over a lot more control over the pictures you print. From edits to borders and overlays, you can do it all in the Fujifilm Instax mini printer including combining several shots into a montage. This printer is much lighter and compact and is easy to carry around with you for night outs and parties. Even though printing on this printer is pretty expensive, the quality of the pictures ensures that it is worth your money.

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  1. Polaroid Mini PrinterThe Polaroid mini instant camera now comes with a portable printer. This printer doesn’t disappoint in terms of the quality of the picture and the speed of printing. The polaroid mini printer prints your image in zink paper to ensure that the detailing is of the highest quality and the image is color-rich. This printer can be used by connecting it to a mobile phone or a laptop using Bluetooth. One of the best features of this polaroid mini printer is its impeccable battery life. This printer can go without being dead for two straight weeks in standby mode. You can also make edits to your image using the polaroid mint app on your smart device.

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  1. HP Sprocket Portable PrinterThis HP Sprocket portable printer is one of the best portable Bluetooth printers in terms of both portability and quality. This is a very compact printer and you can carry it anywhere with ease. The images are printed on zink paper just like the polaroid printer, retaining the detailing and quality of each picture you print using this portable printer. It is also very easy to operate. All you need to do is load the paper in the back of the printer and pair it with your smart device through Bluetooth and print all the images you want in seconds. You also get to use the HP sprocket app that offers you immense editing features.

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