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The Best Printers to Look Out for Under Rs. 5000

We all understand the value of a good printer. Printers have been around for a long time and have made our daily work much more convenient by eliminating the need to constantly visit a print shop. If you want to buy the best printer, there are hundreds of options on the market, and deciding which one to buy is not an easy task. In this article, we've attempted to clear up any questions or ambiguity you may have about which one to choose when purchasing a printer and also why you must do so.

Canon Pixma MG2577S All in ONe Inkjet Colour Printer Canon inkjet printers are well-known, and indeed the Canon PIXMA MG2577s printer is no exception. This printer is undoubtedly worth every penny because it can print, scan, and copy. Since we live in an age where we may need to scan or xerox an important document before leaving the house, the printer is ideal for both home and office use. Here are the specifications of the Canon PIXMA MG2577s All-in-One Inkjet Colour Printer: Specifications Inkjet, All-in-One (Print, Scan, Copy) 8 (Black & White), 4 (Colour) Pages per minute Up to 4800 x 1200 DPI Print Resolution PG745s & CL746s ink cartridges Check out this sleek and pocket-friendly printer here: Click here to buy!

HP Deskjet 2335 All in One Ink Advantage Colour PrinterThe HP Deskjet 2335 All-in-One inkjet printer comes in next on our list of best printers under Rs 5000 in India. This printer from HP is ideal for both office and home use at an attractive cost of under Rs 5000. Because of its small size, the compact design is suitable for both home and office use and it fits just right everywhere. Here are the specifications of the HP DeskJet 2335 All-in-One Ink Inkjet Printer: Specifications Inkjet, All-in-One 7.5 ppm (Black), 5.5 ppm (Colour) Pages per minute Up to 1200 x 1200 DPI HP682 black and tri-color ink cartridges Check out this efficient printer here: Click here to buy!

Canon MG2577s All in One Inkjet Colour Printer with PG745s & CL746s Ink CartridgeThe very next printer on our list of printers under Rs 5000 is this super effective and efficient printer. The printer's small size makes it comfortably slide into some of the tiniest places and racks in homes and offices. The Auto Power ON feature recognizes a print command and automatically turns the printer on with a USB connection, then turns it off after a set amount of time. This printer comes with a set of ink cartridges that are cheap and produce high-quality prints. Optional XL ink cartridges are available for the Pixma MG2577S. This means you'll be able to get real Canon ink in larger quantities and at a lower price. For the MG2577S, the following cartridges are available. Full-photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering (FINE) with a patented print head firing ink droplets as small as 2pl. The hybrid ink service is the biggest choice in the industry because it blends dye ink for vibrant colors and black pigment ink for crisp text. Specifications Inkjet, All-in-One Black 8vimages/minute (ipm) Colour 4 images/ minute (ipm)  Up to 4800 x 600 DPI One free cartridge in the box worth Rs.475/- Check out this budget-friendly printer here: Click here to buy!

HP Deskjet 2331 All in One Printer

The next printer on our list of the best printers under Rs 5000 is a printer that has gotten a lot of buzz on all E-Retail sites. The HP Deskjet 2331 is a low-cost all-in-one photo printer that offers a wide range of features. The printer was developed with aesthetics and convenience in mind. With the push of a button, you can quickly print, scan, and copy. The sleek, compact size allows you to easily fit this little guy into your house or office desk without taking up too much room. Because the printer is in the affordable category, appropriate caution has also been implemented to protect that the printer's cartridges last twice as much time as standard printer cartridges. Every printer comes with an HP printer assistant, which helps you conserve time on every page you print. Specifications Print Speed: 7.5 ppm (black and white), 5.5 ppm (color) Paper capacity: 60 sheets Maximum print resolution: 4800 x 1200 dpi 2 (1 black, 1 Tri-color) Print Cartridges Check out this best-selling printer here: Click here to buy!

Canon Pixma E477 All in One Inkjet Wifi Printer (White/Blue) Canon is known for producing high-quality inkjet printers, and the Pixma E477 is no exception. Color photos and portfolios are best printed with inkjet printers. Even though they can print standard documents, a Deskjet is suggested for the latter. As a result, the Pixma is for anyone more concerned with the visual aspect of things rather than the textual. The Pixma E477 is equipped with Cannon's most up-to-date printing technology, resulting in high-quality, low-cost printing. Since this E477 is wireless, you may connect directly to your residential Wi-Fi and print your photographs and papers effortlessly. With the software initiative called Pixma Cloud Link, you also have the option to print directly from online sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can also print directly from your smartphone by installing an application called Selphy from the Play Store. Even though the E477 goes a little higher in terms of cost, it still manages to make that up with its low-cost cartridges and efficient printing. Specifications Up to 4800X600 dpi print resolution 600X1200 dpi scan resolution-CIS ISO print speed 8.0/4.0 ipm(Bk/Clr) Ink Efficient Cartridge Black-400 pages Colour 180 pages Check out this hot selling printer here: Click here to buy!

HP Deskjet 2723 All in One Wireless Inkjet PrinterHP Deskjet 2723 is an all-in-one inkjet printer giving you access to all the printer functions- print, scan, and copy. What is more appealing in this HP printer is the ability to connect to it wireless and print without any hassles directly from your device. You need to download the HP Print Smart app to get a wide range of print options. All you need is to be on the same network to access the printer and shoot the required command. Specification Inkjet, All-in-One (Print, Scan, Copy) Up to 7.5 (Black & White), Upto 5.5 (Colour) Up to 1200 x 1200 DPI HP 805 Black Original and HP 805 Tri-Colour Original ink cartridges  Check out this ultimate all-in-one printer here: Click here to buy!

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