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Weekly Lesson Plan (Black and White)

Planning is an integral part of our lives because it is impossible to keep things running smoothly without it. A lesson plan is a blueprint for organizing a lesson for an instructor. It typically involves the aim of what the students need to understand, how the goal will be accomplished, implementation strategies, and eventually the process and a way to assess how well the goal was met, which is typically done by homework, assignments, or testing. This plan outlines a teacher's goals on what students can learn and how they will learn it. The instructor can keep track of the syllabus as well as the students' results with the help of planning. With our free printable Weekly Lesson Plan, it is easier than ever to plan the lessons for your students or even for your kids at home. This weekly lesson planner is very functional as it comes with specific places allotted with cute and creative little shapes for every aspect of the learning and knowledge acquisition process tailored for young minds. The space allotted can be used to plan language/writing lessons, music/movement lessons, math/counting lessons, science lessons, and art/creative lessons. There is a separate place allocated for you to jot down notes if you have any. This perfect weekly lesson planner helps you stay organized and right on track. 


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